Khalifa: If you are not self-motivated, treatment won’t work out

Throughout life, everyone passes through many turning points that drive them either for the better or drift them to the worse; it’s up to our reason and will that we decide where in which direction to steer our life, to be on the right track and to overcome all obstacles instead of toppling into the abyss.

At one moment of his life, Khalifa found himself at a turning point. Burdened by some family and emotional problems, he took the wrong decision and found himself in the abyss of drug addiction. Since then, he was a source of troubles to his parents and friends. Once under a dose, he tried to run over his brother; and when his mother tried to stop him, she got mistakenly injured. Even worse, he caused the death of his friend; he gave him a quantity of drugs, but his friend got an overdose and lost his life.

Yet, in spite of darkness, Khalifa saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel; it guided him back to his family and community. Let’s listen to Khalifa’s account of those lost days of his life; he will explain the reasons, his worst memories and how he was brave enough to take his decision to resort to Abu Dhabi’s National Rehabilitation Center for treatment and follow-up after recovery.