Ibrahim: I never thought drug addiction would be so disastrous

It’s just one step, whether out of curiosity, why not try an ‘abe’ or ‘babysit’ by a bad guy to be ‘over the moon’, and you’ll find yourself in. once stuck there, you’ll find out it’s all a big lie. Soon, the established relationship with your entourage is unsettled and you turn their lives into hell for all you do care for is just a moment of ecstasy under the influence of drugs.

That’s what actually happened to Ibrahim; he didn’t realize his misdeed until he found himself behind bars. Submitting to his wife’s will, Ibrahim accepted to be admitted to NRC thinking it would be a short time after which he would go back to his bad habit. However, once he got there, everything completely changed, and he gradually responded to treatment including psychological therapy, and then returned to his life and family promising them to make up for every moment of nonfeasance.