Ali: My Insistence on treatment is the best apology to my family

It is said that if you lose your wealth, you actually lose nothing, and if you lose your health, you lose a lot of things, but if you lose your determination, you actually lose everything. No one can take decisive decisions; only strong-willed people can face difficulties and make the most daring decisions to overcome these difficulties. Furthermore, personal abilities, strong personality and determination are factors of success that take people to the top and protect them from downfall.

This applies to those young people who regained their senses after they indulged in drug addiction deluded by their bad company, and their situation got worse and worse without having the courage to make a decision for salvation.

Here is a true story of a young man who opted for drugs for several reasons, and then everyone, even the closest people, detested him. Under the effect of drugs, he lost reason and offended the dearest person to him ‘his father’, but with determination and willpower he made a decisive decision for recovery after he felt completely lost and ostracized. Thus, he came back to his senses on time.

Talking to ‘Ali’, we can easily catch the main reasons that pushed him to drugs, including the role of family problems and bad company, in addition to what made him resort particularly to the “National Rehabilitation Center” for treatment. We also see how he was sure that the center would treat him in ‘complete secrecy’, and how he regained self-confidence and started to plan for a new future after he lost his job and friends.